Adolfo Indacochea is a Peruvian Professional Dancer known for his heartfelt, energetic performances and charismatic demeanor both on and off the dance floor. He specializes in New York Style  Mambo dancing. To date, he has had the opportunity to perform and teach people the art of dance across the globe, and many of his performances and classes are currently streaming on YouTube.

Adolfo’s passion for Mambo began back in 2003, when he watched his mentor Eddie Torres (also known as “The Mambo King”) perform “Pa La Paloma” with his lovely wife Maria at the New York International Salsa Congress. Witnessing such a passionate performance was a life-altering experience for him both emotionally and professionally, and served as the ultimate pivotal moment in his dancing career.

Adolfo Indacochea’s lifelong mission is to spread the beauty of mambo worldwide and inspire the up-and-coming generations of mambo dancers. To find out more about him, feel free visit his Instagram (@adolfoindacochea) and Facebook (@theadolfoindacochea) pages.


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What is Mamboland?

A festival for dancers to come together, to learn and get inspired at a higher level, to celebrate and immerse themselves in Mambo dance and music.

These days congresses and festivals are offering more and more bells and whistles, featuring more and more types of dances, and trying to please everyone

But at what price?

 All the bells and whistles distract from what we all came together for in the first place – to dance. We believe that in order to perfect an event, focus is essential. Focus on one dance. And that focus leads to passion, growth, surprise, and a higher level of inspiration.
 Do you remember the feeling and inspiration when you first started dancing? You were probably super excited and passionate at the beginning, but then after a while you lost that magical feeling, maybe you hit a plateau?

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Mamboland Milano


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